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Successful treatment with ketamine is dependent on so much more than just the infusion. Our commitment to you is to provide a very thorough, hands-on approach to give you the best chance at recovery. Dr. Prashad has extensive expertise in using ketamine and is one of the most experienced ketamine psychiatrists in the country. She has been using ketamine in her practice since 2016 and has personally administered over 2000 IV ketamine treatments. Dr. Prashad and her staff will be attentive and available to you during the treatment course. Your treatments will be provided in a warm, welcoming environment and you will have a private treatment room where your care will be overseen personally by Dr. Prashad. Dr. Prashad will carefully craft a treatment plan that will encompass recommendations regarding discontinuing any medications that may make ketamine treatment less effective. She will also make recommendations regarding any additions to your medication regimen that would be helpful. Dr. Prashad adjusts the dose of ketamine and the length of the infusion you receive based on your tolerance and response in order to maximize benefit and minimize risk. There is no one size fits all approach. Dr. Prashad will also use objective mood monitoring applications to track treatment effectiveness in order to maximize treatment response.

Dr. Prashad will also make comprehensive treatment suggestions that may consist of therapy, nutrition, exercise, medication changes, genetic testing, sleep hygiene, and addressing underlying biological causes of depression that may be contributing in order to achieve the best results.

Customized Dosing

 Dr. Prashad will meticulously customize the dosing for each individual infusion. This is not a one-size fits all approach. Factors such as concentration, infusion duration, response to previous treatment and pre-medications will be adjusted for each patient and for every infusion. She will tailor each infusion to maximize the response to ketamine. Our personal response rate is over 80%, well over that of many other clinics.

Symptom tracking

Dr. Prashad utilizes software to track treatment effectiveness. We measure all the factors which can contribute to treatment decisions. The software that we use will text you daily and help us record your mood. The information collected will help Dr Prashad time booster infusions and track response.