Ketamine Depression Treatment Passes Another Trial, But Isn’t For Everyone

Researchers behind the ASPIRE trial want to take the drug even further. Their new goal is to have the drug approved to treat patients with major depressive disorder who have active suicidal ideation with intent.

 “This is a specific vulnerable subset of patients with major depressive disorder and is especially meaningful as these patients are commonly excluded from clinical trials,”

Antidepressant effects of ketamine: mechanisms underlying fast-acting novel antidepressants

Newer antidepressants are needed for the many individuals with major depressive disorder (MDD) that do not respond adequately to treatment and because of a delay of weeks before the emergence of therapeutic effects. Recent evidence from clinical trials shows that the NMDA antagonist ketamine is a revolutionary novel antidepressant because it acts rapidly and is effective for treatment-resistant patients… PMC


How Ketamine Infusions Saved My Life

I’m going to die soon. For months, this is what the voice inside my head told me, repeating over and over. I was plagued by a deep depression, an eating disorder, and drug addiction. I had tried everything from therapy to shock treatments to alleviate my pain, and nothing seemed to work. I told myself I would try one last thing before calling it quits and taking that leap off the proper rooftop: ketamine infusions…Motherboard


Antidepressant efficacy of ketamine in treatment-resistant major depression: a two-site randomized controlled trial



Ketamine, a glutamate N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist, has shown rapid antidepressant effects, but small study groups and inadequate control conditions in prior studies have precluded a definitive conclusion. The authors evaluated the rapid antidepressant efficacy of ketamine in a large group of patients with treatment-resistant major depression…NCBI